Technological Enablers


Cyber Operations Services


We deliver subject matter expertise to a broad array of clients requiring security of information technology networks, apps, data, and cloud infrastructure. Our professional technicians support focused exercises and operations by detecting cyber threats and intrusion through comprehensive adversary simulation and red teaming, risk assessments, vulnerability assessments and analysis, penetration testing, and malware analysis to enhance and solidify our clients’ cyber defenses and effectiveness. Our team members are certified experts focused on assisting our clients as they defend their complete enterprise.

Systems Engineering and Infrastructure Services


In today’s dynamic technological environment, the application of emerging technology can drastically improve service quality, lower costs, and increase end-user satisfaction. We deliver current, relevant experience in systems engineering to ensure plans for infrastructure security improvements remain updated with the latest technology trends and remain consistent, reliable, and secure. 

Our engineers support client development, articulation, and validation of secure architecture development, implementation, and maintenance requirements to enhance comprehensive, configurable, and manageable solutions. We work closely with program owners and stakeholders to ensure system requirements are identified, sufficiently defined, and managed throughout the system lifecycle to ensure traceability, testability, and successful implementation, on-time and within budget.

Modeling and Simulation Services


We deliver individual and collective training using live, virtual, constructive, and gaming methods and environments. Our professionals support computer-driven live, virtual, constructive, and games for training simulation exercises throughout the Department of Defense. 

In support of Language Regional Expertise and Culture program (LREC), we created the “LREC Augmented Reality Immersive Action Trainer (LARIAT)” to augment the language and cultural skill training of our nation’s Special Operations Forces (SOF). LARIAT is used to train designated individuals within a unique, three-dimensional, immersive, virtual reality system with the ability to scale training from individual to team level in language skills, regional expertise, and culture.


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