Training and Education Services


We deliver training and educational development services steeped in a broad range of proven expertise and client-focused support; from doctrinal program of instruction (POI) development and training, adaptive leader training & education (ALT/E) seminars, and tactical training exercises, to customized skill training.

Training is in our DNA. Our instructors, curriculum developers, and consultants are skilled professionals with extensive academic and training backgrounds and decades of experience serving with the elite military, law enforcement, and academic organizations to deliver hands-on, performance-oriented, individual, and collective training for any client requirement. 

We work closely with our clients to develop and deliver customized, professional solutions using a holistic training and education solutions process that results from an iterative and continuous program method. The process allows us to custom design instruction to the needs of our clients and provides our clients with a comprehensive capability that enhances existing programs, equipment, and budget. We design learning experiences that stimulate critical thinking, elicit visceral responses, and fully immerse trainees into a realistic, engaging training scenario.

Language and Cultural Services


We deliver a complete range of quality language and culturally oriented services in over 70 languages to a diverse array of federal agency and special operations military clients by culturally astute and regionally attuned language-enabled subject matter experts. Our services include instruction and training, from basic or survival level proficiency through professional-level proficiency, via a range of training venues from familiarization courses of a few days, to initial acquisition courses of 12 to 29 weeks.

We deliver instruction in multiple locations and environments around the globe, including standard classrooms, advanced distributed learning in a target region (Live Environment Training), or in a simulated target region (Iso-Immersion) with live role players. Our professionals provide curriculum design, training content development, language and cultural instruction, and language testing services. Our instructors teach students in the instructors’ native languages or languages in which the instructor has near-native proficiency. 

We develop language and culture training materials in a variety of formats. Training types include initial acquisition training, sustainment/enhancement training, regional expertise and culture instruction, situational training exercises, isolated immersion exercises, live environment training, mobile live environment training, and survival/familiarization/pre-deployment language and cultural training.


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