August 26, 2021

Women Leading the Way at Yorktown Systems Group

Thirteen years ago, Bryan Dyer and Nancy Acquavella co-founded Yorktown Systems Group (Yorktown), a company that equips warfighters with the tools needed to be successful in the field. Dyer merged with Acquavella, Yorktown’s current Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), to help build a customer-centric organization, grounded in equal opportunity for employees. Today, these priorities have resulted in a widely diverse talent pool with a workforce comprised of sixty percent women, more than double the National average

“Our focus has always been to build the best team possible with the most qualified applicants possible,” said Dyer. “Every person at Yorktown has worked hard for our clients, while also playing a large role in enhancing our company culture. There is no ceiling for how successful one can be, and as we continue to grow, that will not change.” 

Nationally, women make up nearly half of the labor force, but hold only 28.5 percent of positions in senior leadership spanning from senior manager, directorship and C-Suite. For Yorktown, women hold over fifty percent of leadership roles company-wide, including executive level positions.  

Director of Information Technology at Yorktown, Dariam King contributes the company’s culture, focused around flexibility and work-life balance, as a key factor in her professional growth.  

“Yorktown has provided the resources for me to expand my responsibilities within the organization, while providing the flexibility needed to support my husband’s role in the military,” said King. “Although I’ve moved across five states in six years, they’ve given me just as much opportunity to advance in my career as anyone else.” 

Yorktown demonstrates the same value and respect to all of their employees, clients and contractors. Heidi Bosanko, Yorktown’s Vice President for Corporate Strategy and Growth, says the differentiator between Yorktown and its competitors is the environment the company creates to pursue excellence in customer satisfaction.  

Suzanne Mathew, Yorktown’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), emphasizes Yorktown’s focus for internal growth by providing ongoing training and mentorship opportunities each week among Yorktown executives to ensure all employees have resources for success. Acquavella, Mathew, Bosanko, King and other leadership at Yorktown reinforce this by offering an open-door policy, providing continuous feedback, encouraging autonomy and emphasizing a collaborative environment for all employees. 

“Everyone on our team is equally important to the success of the company,” says Acquavella, “As we’ve transitioned from a small firm to a leading partner for the Federal Government, we’ve recognized diversity of thinking as the main asset that has set us apart from others; this will continue to fuel growth and has allowed our team to shape the organization in ways we never could have imagined.” 

By placing importance on the success of each employee both professionally and personally, the leaders of Yorktown have crafted a powerhouse staff that’s deeply vested in the long-term success of the company and the clients they serve. As Yorktown continues to expand and establish new partnerships, these pillars will stand at the forefront of the business model, providing endless opportunities for the company’s employees, clients and contractors. 


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