Professional Services


Program Management and Administrative Support


Our high-performing, client-focused services enable our clients to focus on their core business functions, while we make everything around them run smoothly. We deliver knowledgeable, well-trained, and cohesive program management and executive administrative services in a customized, high-performing, and efficiency-oriented manner. Additionally, we provide on-site staff to perform routine administrative and protocol services.

Human Capital Services


We deliver physio-social support and medical services with a focus on our nation’s veterans and their families. For example, in support of our Department of Veterans Affairs Veteran Employment Initiative, we provided outreach and liaison support to veterans and other members of the public and private sectors concerning veteran issues.

We also provided coaching and training to veterans to help them understand the benefits and programs available to them and worked to help our veterans—regardless of disability level—to meet their potential through access to employment and health programs, and to help employers realize the benefits of hiring our American heroes.

Integrated Logistics Services


Our integrated, performance-based logistical capabilities are comprised of planning, developing, and sustaining support strategies and delivering focused, steady-state Support Base Services (SBS) to installations responsible for supporting mobilization/deployment requirements as an Army Mobilization Force Generation Installation (MFGI), Army Training Center (ATC), Power Projection Platform (PPP) or CONUS Replacement Center (CRC). In each case, our staff logisticians possess the requisite experience and knowledge to help our clients accomplish mission success.


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