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Yorktown uses a holistic training and education solutions process that results from an iterative and continuous program method. The process allows us to custom design instruction to the needs of the particular client. Our process and our team of Instructional System Designers, Training Assessors and Evaluators, and professional Instructors provide our customers with a comprehensive capability to perform:

  • Training Development and Instruction

  • Education Strategies

  • Training Efficacy Assessment and Evaluation

  • Strategic Planning

  • Requirements Definition

  • Pre-deployment Training

  • Curriculum Development

  • Mobile Training Teams (MTTs)

  • Comprehensive, Andragogical-based Language Instructional Design and Delivery


Yorktown’s Adaptive Leader Training & Education Workshops and Seminars impart the concepts and skills necessary to develop adaptability in any organization - harmonizing traditionally centralized organizational structures with the power of individual leader talent, disciplined initiative, and creativity to grow a more effective and efficient organizational culture. 

Identifying Risk Indicators at the Scene (IRIS)™  is Yorktown’s course designed to help mitigate the growing trend of law enforcement officer injuries and deaths due to ambush/surprise encounters.  This training program is focused on detecting and deterring threats toward the law enforcement officer and methods to alleviate those threats.

Designed for corporations concerned with workplace safety, Yorktown’s Reinforced Environmental Awareness and Discernment (READ) course uses a proven method of proactively identifying threats and events through Predictive Analysis of Human Behavior Patterns, Terrain Awareness and Enhanced Observation Techniques. Our READ course gives a corporation’s employees an improved ability to make an accurate analysis of threatening events before they escalate by enabling them to predict common actions based on observed human behaviors within the environment.

First Responder Improvised Explosive Device (FRIED) Awareness and Mitigation Courses are designed to enhance the awareness of First Responders and Planners on the potential threats posed by Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and to teach methods to mitigate these threats before, during and after an IED incident.