Systems Engineering and Management Analysis

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Yorktown brings current, relevant experience in Systems Engineering. Yorktown Systems Engineers and Analysts support customer development, articulation, and validation of system requirements to enable the development of comprehensive, configurable, and manageable solutions. Our efforts include the comprehensive analysis, development, documentation, integration, coordination, and management of customer program requirements within the Army and Department of Defense (DoD). We strive to enable the timely fielding of cost effective training capabilities that are fully interoperable within specified architectures and in compliance with Joint Capabilities Integration Development System and DoD Architectural Framework.

Our Systems Engineers plan and conduct research and analysis to examine alternatives using tradeoff analysis. We design analyses to meet the metrics laid out in the approved research strategy and plan. We develop research related documents to communicate research plans, findings, and recommendations to our customers. Products include issue papers, white papers, decision papers, cost-benefit analyses, tradeoff analyses, and other documents and presentations in order to communicate the issues, findings, and recommendations to our customers.