Yorktown Announces the July 2018 Employee of the Month, Ms. Marie Kaminsky

Yorktown July 2018 Employee of the Month, Marie Kaminsky

Yorktown July 2018 Employee of the Month, Marie Kaminsky

Huntsville, AL – Yorktown Systems Group, Inc. (Yorktown), announces the selection of Marie Kaminsky as the Employee of the Month for July 2018.

Marie Kaminsky began her career with Yorktown in May 2017 as a Human Resources Assistant. In her first 30 days, Marie impressed us with her technical knowledge of Human Resources (HR), along with an impressive attention to detail. Eager to expand her expertise, she moved into Benefits Administration in the fall of 2017. As the Human Resources/Benefits Specialist, Marie primarily administers employee benefits and serves as the company’s main point of contact with benefit carriers. Since moving into Benefits Administration, Marie has developed new methods for enrollment auditing and continues to create innovative methods of organization and reporting, all while considering the employee at every turn. The company saw one of its most successful Open Enrollments during the 2018-2019 plan year, due primarily to Marie’s commitment to excellence and outstanding support to Yorktown employees.

Amanda Braun, Director of HR, said, “Marie has been a huge asset to the Yorktown HR team. Marie’s customer service centric approach aligns with and embodies the Yorktown culture – she is professional, accurate, caring, and friendly. Her positive attitude is infectious and serves as a model for the HR team. Marie is a true team player and never turns down an opportunity to help others, whether it be her fellow HR team members, other Headquarters staff, or employees in the field. I am thrilled to have her as a part of the HR team and I know great things await Marie in the future!”

Kathy Short, Vice President of HR, said, “Marie’s contributions to Yorktown’s HR group go well beyond her Benefits Specialist role. Her ability to analyze issues and develop and implement scalable processes is recognized across multiple functional areas.”

Yorktown is a professional services company providing customized solutions and management capabilities to help Federal and Civil organizations achieve their goals and objectives in the areas of training and education; language and cultural training; operational mission support; modeling and simulation; systems engineering/management analysis; administrative services; integrated logistics; and health and human services. Yorktown’s leadership and staff are innovative, informed, involved, and adaptive, providing the vision and expertise to stay in front of ever-changing client landscapes and challenges.