Yorktown Announces the June 2018 Employee of the Month, Ms. Glennie Balk

Yorktown June 2018 Employee of the Month, Glennie Balk

Yorktown June 2018 Employee of the Month, Glennie Balk

Huntsville, AL – Yorktown Systems Group, Inc. (Yorktown), is proud to announce the selection of Glennie Balk as the Employee of the Month for June 2018.

Glennie serves Yorktown as an Administrative Assistant supporting the Missile Defense Agency (MDA). Glennie works extremely hard to support her government customers and stakeholders, to include processing multiple Visit Authorization Requests in support of customer travel requirements.

She also works tirelessly to maintain the busy schedule for several conference rooms as the point person. In this additional duty, in the last month she answered 252 phones calls, scheduled 57 video teleconferences, ensured rooms were reserved at other locations, scheduled 137 meeting updates and escorted 27 visitors to area.

She supported one distinguished visitor, ensuring a hot desk was reserved for use. She set up meetings during the visit and ensured all briefing slides were printed for the visitor. Glennie’s ability to manage her time, prioritize required tasks, and execute her duties flawlessly, while also carving out time to be a critical person to a new initiative within the agency without degradation of services or support to her stakeholder was exceptional.

MDA is implementing a new security system. In aiding this effort, Glennie worked closely with and assisted the organization’s security office. She educated leaders and staff personnel on use of the system to ensure access and verification of credentials, and ensured the access roster was current; which are all key functions of this new security system.

MDA Contract Program Manager Warren Brooks says, “Glennie Balk excels at everything she does and that is recognized by her co-workers, stakeholders, and everyone she comes in contact with. She is more than deserving of recognition as Employee of the Month for Yorktown Systems Group.”

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