Yorktown Announces the Creation of The Unconventional, a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of Yorktown

Huntsville, AL – Yorktown Systems Group, Inc. (Yorktown), announces the creation of The
Unconventional, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yorktown. The Unconventional will initially focus on two key capability areas: Live Environment Training (LET) and Isolated Immersion (ISO-immersion) training.

LET is a language and cultural immersion training program conducted in a host nation to support intermediate to advanced language students. The training focuses on the student’s ability to listen to and understand native dialects and conversations in the target language using participatory learning. Student’s training includes a macro- to micro-level comprehensive regional and cultural understanding of the location’s history, cultural nuances, regional norms, religion, politics, family structure, socio-economics, normal criminal activities, demographics, and area dialects spoken other than the target language. Instruction is conducted in the target language and is broken down into three categories: classroom instruction, task-based simulation instruction, and regional culture structured interactions.

The ISO-immersion is a type of language training program conducted in an immersive environment for a specific language. The goal for these ISO-immersions is for students to be exposed to, implement, and use operational specific language and vocabulary in an isolated, immersive, and realistic environment. Training focuses on the student’s operational language ability to listen to and understand native dialects and conversation in a target language using participatory listening. Focus is also given to the student’s ability to speak fluidly and comprehensively in the target language and to be understandable by native speakers.

Yorktown Chief Operating Officer, Nick Fuller said, “Yorktown is excited about the creation of The Unconventional as a wholly-owned subsidiary and we are eager to see the company’s future opportunities that follow this step.”