Yorktown Announces the LREC Employee of the 3rd Quarter of 2018, Mr. Michael Trotter

FORT CAMPBELL, KY – Yorktown Systems Group, Inc. (Yorktown) announces the selection of Michael Trotter as the LREC Employee of the 3rd Quarter of 2018.

Michael Trotter serves as a Theater Engagement and Regional Expertise Instructor for the Special Operations Forces for Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture Instruction (LREC) program in Fort Campbell, KY. He is praised as an exemplary instructor and team member by his students, peers, and leadership. His hard work, dedication, and innovative contributions continuously advance the LREC program objectives.

Michael has been a true mentor to all members of the team. He has an extensive knowledge base of the United States Central Command, as well as instructing students using innovative pedagogical techniques. He has helped all members of the team implement more effective and creative ways of presenting material, and he is always willing to assist other instructors either in-person, or via Video Tele Conference. Michael has developed top-notch instructional content critical to giving students a better understanding of both the region to which they deploy and their missions. The content is a perfect mix of culture-general and culture-specific material involving both classroom and external evaluation instruction and scenarios. His current instruction of culture-general classes hybridized with language has been set by his command as the model the team uses to develop all instructional content.

LREC Program Manager, Patrick Rousey, states, “Mike ensures the program remains true to its roots: grounded as Cultural and Regional Expertise instructors, educators, and theater engagement conduits, as we continue to grow and adapt to ever-changing client requirements.”

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