Yorktown Announces the AWG Employee of the 3rd Quarter of 2018, Mr. William Frobe

FORT MEADE, MD – Yorktown Systems Group, Inc. (Yorktown) announces the selection of William Frobe as the AWG Employee of the 3rd Quarter of 2018.

AWG Employee of the 3rd Quarter of 2018, William Frobe

AWG Employee of the 3rd Quarter of 2018, William Frobe

Bill Frobe serves as a Knowledge Management Programmer for the Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG) in Fort Meade, MD. Bill has effectively and proactively taken charge of the day-to-day duties of his leadership position. He manages several subject matter experts (SMEs) in the fields of operational support, network and systems administration, and logistics in addition to his normal duties as the Knowledge Management Programmer. Bill’s initiative and dedication ensures business continues to run smoothly, and Yorktown continues to provide exceptional service to our customer.

Bill develops and presents monthly and as-needed training on various Knowledge Management platforms and software, as well as creates “cheat sheets” to help others set up features on their email and portal pages to become more effective and efficient. His expertise enables him to provide exceptional service in fulfilling the customer’s Knowledge Management requirements and develop innovative solutions to address problems. He works tirelessly to ensure the customer is satisfied. He consistently provides communications to the PM office of concerns and issues with the communications section, team members, as well as, providing timely updates to the customer concerning any Knowledge Management projects. Bill takes personal pride in all his assigned tasks and duties making sure they are done right the first time.

AWG Program Manager, Jesse Cisneros, states, “Bill’s personal integrity and dedication to duty and the team are unquestionable, embodying several Yorktown Guiding Principles. He is constantly working behind the scenes to ensure organization information is available, updated, and does not ask for any personal recognition. Regardless of the situation, he will do everything possible to make sure his performance is steady, strong, and all assigned tasks are accomplished.”

Yorktown is a professional services company providing customized solutions and management capabilities to help Federal and Civil organizations achieve their goals and objectives in the areas of training and education; language and cultural training; operational mission support; modeling and simulation; systems engineering/ management analysis; administrative services; integrated logistics; and health and human services. Yorktown’s leadership and staff are innovative, informed, involved, and adaptive, providing the vision and expertise to stay in front of ever-changing client landscapes and challenges.