Yorktown Systems Group, Inc. Recognizes MDA TEAMS Office Administration Contract Site Leads

Huntsville, AL – Yorktown Systems Group, Inc. (Yorktown), a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), is pleased to highlight the selection of Keri Brown, Michelle Jackson, and Tammy Sledge as Site Leads for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) TEAMS Office Administration Contract. With over two hundred employees and nine different locations, the Office Administration Contract is a formidable undertaking; a significant amount of the supervision of day-to-day operations falls under the role of the Site Leads. They ensure effective communication among several dispersed points of contact, including the employees and MDA officials at their respective locations, the Contract Technical Leads, and the Program Manager, Chris Hardy. They oversee, among other duties, employee work performance and scheduling, the correction and approval of timesheets, and travel coordination.

Keri Brown is stationed in Colorado Springs; Michelle Jackson in Dahlgren, Virginia; and Tammy Sledge in Ft. Belvoir, Virginia. They are dynamic women who find fulfillment working with the MDA and Yorktown; they are dedicated leaders and mentors. Their experience, work ethic, and natural eloquence make them a fundamental part of the success of the program. In many ways, Keri, Michelle, and Tammy act as transport hubs, making sure everyone is in sync, which often involves the astuteness and confidence to take independent action when they see fit.