Yorktown Announces New Threat Awareness Course

Huntsville, AL – Yorktown Systems Group, Inc. (Yorktown), a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), announced today that it is offering a new risk awareness course, Reinforcing and Enhancing Awareness to Discern (READ) your environment.  This course is designed to teach employees of businesses, schools, and other private organizations to recognize threats in order to prevent violent incidents.

Amid the huge U.S. effort to guard against any future violent attacks, the private sector faces particular challenges. Private organizations must plan how to protect their buildings, systems and employees from an assault that, in the current geopolitical atmosphere, seems increasingly likely. With the READ skillset, every trained employee becomes a security sensor, greatly enhancing the company’s security posture and safety.  READ training reinforces communication skills that increase awareness and produce the ability to accurately discern threats in any environment. Yorktown’s READ training program teaches individuals to use their five senses to become more aware of their environment, thereby INCREASING their ABILITY to RECOGNIZE AND assess a potential threat. The course teaches students increased performance in communication skills, observation skills, situational awareness and situational understanding. READ uses A PROVEN Predictive Analysis of Human Behavior Patterns, Terrain Awareness and Enhanced Observation Techniques to allow individuals to proactively identify threats. These skills do not require the employee to make complex decisions or calculated responses. Rather, READ teaches a skillset that allows employees to assess and respond to threatening events before they escalate. READ provides the tools to enable employees to predict common actions based on observed human behaviors within the environment.

Nick Fuller, Vice President of Training and Education Solutions, said today, “Yorktown is particularly excited to offer a course that is so urgently essential in the private sector. Yorktown has created training that fills a gap in current security and safety measures. The goal of this course is to teach employees how to identify and diffuse a situation before it escalates to violence.”