Yorktown announce its new Threat Mitigation Training, Identifying Risk Indicators at the Scene (IRIS) course

Huntsville, AL – Yorktown Systems Group, Inc. (Yorktown), a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), announced today that it now offers a new threat mitigation course, Identifying Risk Indicators at the Scene (IRIS) for law enforcement officers.

While ambushes are a leading cause of officer fatalities in firearms-related deaths, current law enforcement training does not typically focus on mitigating ambush encounters. Yorktown has developed a training program focused on detecting and deterring threats toward law enforcement officers. IRIS is a proven method of proactively identifying threats and events through predictive analysis of human behavior patterns, terrain awareness and enhanced observation techniques. IRIS is a skill set that allows officers the improved ability to make accurate analysis of threatening events before they escalate by being able to predict common actions based on observed human behaviors within the environment. The IRIS course, created and executed by Yorktown, ensures that officers receive the necessary training and communication skills to detect potential confrontations before they escalate. The course provides officers with tools to help diffuse those potential threats into nonthreatening events. This training gives officers the ability to recognize, assess and mitigate the risk before it takes place. IRIS skills are an invaluable tool for evaluating people, places and events, in any culture or location and delivers security, officer safety and improved community relations.

Yorktown recently delivered IRIS training to Alabama State Troopers and State SWAT team members and local agencies. The training took place during the month of August and was conducted at the State Law Enforcement Academy in Selma, Alabama. The course was filled with hands on, practical exercises in multiple scenarios that placed the students in real life training environments, rural and urban environments and in daylight, lowlight and late night time periods. The course was well received and students overwhelmingly agreed that this training should be a requirement for all Law Enforcement officers.

Bryan Dyer, President/CEO, said today, “Yorktown’s professional IRIS instructors are very experienced prior law enforcement officers with a unique understanding of integrating situational awareness into law enforcement operations.  IRIS training encompasses a skill set which will benefit not only our law enforcement community but will have widespread effects on our local communities and the public in general. The course was a great success in Selma; we look forward to delivering this essential training to more departments.”