Modeling and Simulation

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Yorktown Systems Group provides Collective Mission Command training using live, virtual, constructive, and gaming methods and environments. Event support includes Military Decision Making Process training, Staff Field Training Exercises, Command Post Exercises, Tactical Exercise without Troops, Mission Rehearsal Exercises, and Virtual Situational Training Exercises.

Services include support in conducting computer driven live, virtual, constructive, and games for training simulation exercises for Active Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard, and other units in Joint and Combined Services.

Yorktown provides training from individual through brigade in support of:

·        Mission Command Training
·        Mission Rehearsal Exercises
·        Staff Planning Using the Military Decision Making Process
·        Leader Training and Development

The support we provide includes:

·        Live Simulations
·        Virtual Simulations
·        Constructive Simulations
·        Games for Training
·        Functional Area Research
·        Scenario Creation
·        Controller Training
·        Simulations Operator Training
·        Exercise Controller Training
·        Database Preparation and Maintenance
·        Installation and Maintenance of Communications Lines, Circuits, And Equipment
·        Network and System Administration on Simulations Network
·        NIPR and SIPR Local Area Networks
·        Simulations/Simulators Operation and Management
·        After Action Review Creation and Facilitation
·        Facility Cleanup and Maintenance