Human Capital

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Yorktown provides physio-social support and medical services with a focus on our Nation’s Veterans and their families. For example, in support of our Department of Veterans Affairs Veteran Employment Initiative, Yorktown provides outreach and liaison support to Veterans and other members of the public and private sectors concerning Veteran issues. We provide coaching and training to Veterans to help them understand the benefits and programs available to them. We help them identify employment, welfare, and health programs to enrich their lives.

Yorktown helps Veterans and their families by assisting American employers to hire and retain Veterans. Our efforts help reduce Veteran unemployment, the root cause of many of the situations that require extensive resources to correct. By assisting Veterans to find jobs and employers to find capable Veterans, we help reduce health issues, homelessness, criminal activity, and help our Veteran customers return to help American communities as contributing members of American society.

Our coaches provide these services to Veterans and employers through scheduled classes in our offices and through mobile training teams (MTTs). Our MTTs reach out to Veterans and potential employers in their communities, offices, and potentially, even in their homes. We provide group and/or one-one-one support wherever the Veteran or employer may be. We strive to help our Veterans, regardless of disability level, to meet their potential through access to employment and health programs, and to help employers realize the benefits of hiring American heroes.